Why our ID scanner & patented ID scanning system is the best, first line of defense for your business.

If you have a business with age restrictions, you've encountered a fake ID or two.

In the old days, fake IDs were easy to spot.  Cheaply made, riddled with noticeable inaccuracies; prevention was simple. But, as everything in today's world has progressed, so has the quality of fake driver's licenses.  Without putting any countries on blast, some nations have been churning out replica IDs on par with their 'folexes'. 

Even to a trained eye, upon physical examination, the majority of today's fake IDs will pass the test.  That's not a dig at business owners or security teams, that's more of a compliment to counterfeiters.  Materials, fonts, images, holograms all are made to pass as authentic.  

And now with this new found confidence in their fake IDs, underage patrons are more mouthy, stubborn, and down right rude when their authenticity is questioned.  Resulting in headaches, verbal-sometimes physical altercations with business owners, staff and security.  

Even worse, this upgrade in fakes leaves your business more at risk for damning fines, suspension, or even termination.  

So how can I prevent illegal, underage frequency at my business?



The Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner.  Your best, first line of defense.


With all the advancements in physical production, most counterfeiters still make one error.  That error is with the bar-code or magnetic stripe on driver's licenses. 


Magnetic Stripe formatting is an aging dinosaur in the word of driver's licenses. Most states (eventually all) will have switched to the 2D bar-coding format of PDF417.  The bar-code on the back of a driver's license contains the same information on the front.  Through product testing, we have learned the majority of counterfeiters will incorrectly format this bar-code, mismatch the patron's information, or just plain leave it blank.  These top of the line fake IDs typically start at a price point of $300.00.  Most underage patrons are surely strapped for cash, so lets not forget the still most common way of fooling a doorman, chalking one's ID.  With our Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner, you can simply scan a patron's ID with the the touch of a button and reveal the information encoded on the back. 



Upon scanning you will be notified of a patron's information. Now combining this with a trained eye (capable of noticing physical inaccuracies in IDs), your first line of defense just got that much stronger.  The Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner will notify you if a patron is underage (an age requirement you can set depending on your type of business), if a patron's ID is expired, if the ID has been double-scanned (you can set a double-scan time limit in your settings tab), or if the ID is inaccurate.  



What's even more impressive, is that you can view a variety of nightly lists and statistics directly on your device's screen.


Fitting in the palm of your hand, The Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner is a powerful, portable way of protecting your business & knowing your clientele. 


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