Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanning & Real-Time Data. Why we've brought advanced technologies to the world of ID scanners and venue/event solutions.

Have you ever looked down in amazement at the level of technology you carry around in the palm of your hand?


For most of us, this moment to marvel is often taken for granted.  But, just think about it.  That smartphone you carry around in your pocket easily trumps the computing power NASA first used to put men on the moon.  What's even more mind boggling is that the rate of advancement in technology show no sign of ever slowing down.  In fact, back in 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore suggested computing power will double almost every year while continuing to use the same size chip. With today's current technological trends, I think it's safe to say 'Moore's Law' has been proven accurate. 


Our goal at Revlr Venue is to continually bring the technological advancements of our modern day to the world of nightlife and event management.  


One major benefit of high-speed processors and all these leaps in tech is real-time data.  We live in an age of instant gratification, and while that may have had it's draw backs on the divorce rate, it's created major benefits for the business world.  Real-time data allows for instantaneous results.  You no longer have to wait for reports to be prepared, wait to analyze information, or even wait to reach out to customers.  We've gone ahead and patented a method that allows us to offer our clients a unique service.


What benefits can Revlr Venue offer my business in real-time?

With Revlr Venue, we utilize real-time data processing right from the start.  Our next-gen smart ID scanner is equipped to securely scan, verify, collect, process, organize and present patron data; all within seconds.  With a simple scan you've now verified the patron entering your business, and began to build your own demographic reports.  In the old days, business owners would have to pay a large sum to an outside service to receive a one-time report to gain insight into their clientele.  Now, with Revlr Venue, you can log in to your online dashboard and access your very own, in-depth reports instantly.  There's no more waiting.  You can even view a variety of lists and stats based on your nightly patron traffic directly on the ID scanner's screen.  You can immediately analyze your demographics and know what works for your business.  With Revlr Venue you can now, in real-time, track the success of your marketing efforts as the night or event progresses.  You can see which promotions are getting patrons in the door.  You can view lists and breakdowns of who has entered your venue/event, or which customers were turned away at the door (and the reason why).  

To add, if you've already purchased demographic reports from third parties, there's no need to just throw them away.  We've taken that into account.  We allow you to export our reports so you can combine the two in other programs such as Microsoft Excel.  


Future applications of real-time data by Revlr Venue.


When the time is right, we will release the Revlr mobile app.  This will be a mobile application, available for free download, by your patrons.  It's a platform you'll be able to use to communicate with both current and prospective customers, whenever-wherever they may be.  You'll be able to post deals and announcements while patrons view your venue/event profile, learning all there is to know about your business.  You'll be able to reach out and promote your business instantly to either your regulars, or customers whom have yet to discover how awesome you are. You'll be able to take the advantage of our real-time processing to a higher level.  You'll be able to promote a special or event on the Revlr mobile app, all the while tracking it's success on your online dashboard.  If your marketing efforts are working; then good job!  If not, you can strategically tweak those efforts as you see fit to get those patrons in the door.  


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