Let’s talk analytics!

Analytics are the new driving force behind pretty much everything in this modern age...



...and I know what you’re thinking...



...but let’s talk about it.


Every decision in business, any business, needs the numbers to back it up.  Whether it’s to renew a Netflix show for a second season, or add another location to a franchise; proper analytics will always make the correct decision an easy one.


Now, you already know Revlr Venue offers a handheld way to validate patron IDs, but did you know it also builds your very own complex analytics simultaneously?


With each scan, while validating, Revlr Venue is working behind the scenes - crunching the numbers - to put together a comprehensive collection of demographic reports.  


Yes you have your REAL-TIME ENTRY LIST and BOUNCED LIST showing you whom has entered or whom was denied and when.  Both very useful in keeping an eye on patron activity, or covering your business incase of wrong doings.


But delving deeper is where it really gets interesting. 



Additional reports including MALE VS FEMALE PATRONS, AGE & GENDER BREAKDOWN, DISTANCE TRAVELED, and NEW VS RETURNING PATRONS allow an instant insight into your clientele like never before.


Want to see if your promoted event, act, specials, etc. did the trick and got the customers in the door? BOOM. Log in to your online dashboard and check the stats.


Want to see if your marketing reach is expanding and attracting new clientele?  No need to hire a PI;  log in to your online dashboard! 


Interested if your attracting a certain demographic, or what specials or events are bringing in more patrons based on age or gender? ...You know what to do.


And that’s just a glimpse of the possibilities off the top of the head.  These analytics are directly based on your business and can be applied to endless use. 


And the best thing about all of this is it’s available instantly; whenever, wherever you are...in REAL-TIME!

Learn more for yourself and discover what Revlr Venue can do for your business.