Avoid losing your liquor license and so much more!

The surest way to lose a liquor license is for a business to sell alcohol to individuals under the age of 21.



The legal drinking age, in all 50 states, is 21. From liquor stores to dive bars, to nightclubs and college bars, it's beneficial to always be as precautious as possible.  According to Alcohol.org,

"Some states may even encourage servers or bartenders to ask the individual questions if it is suspected that the person’s identification may be falsified or that the ID belongs to another person. The risk is all on the establishment that serves the minor. Businesses that serve minors who go on to injure someone, cause property damage, or result in a death while they are intoxicated will most assuredly lose their liquor license."

Even seasoned door men can sometimes be fooled by a chalked, or fake ID.  Whether they're being swamped by door traffic, or it's the end of a long night; accidents can happen.  How many times have you seen a doorman struggle to keep composure arguing with a drunk (underaged) patron at the door over the validity of their ID?  

Well those days are over.

With the Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner technology has finally arrived to the world of liquor stores & nightlife.  The days of big, bulky, slow ID scanners are a thing of the past.  Now you have a device (fitting in the palm of your hand) capable of protecting your business and liquor license in real-time.  


With each scan of an ID, you are: verifying legal age for purchase or entry, being alerted to FAKE IDs, being notified if an ID is UNDERAGE or EXPIRED, and being alerted if an ID has been DOUBLE SCANNED within a designated time span.  (learn more)


Why not add this ultimate layer of peace of mind to your business?


And it gets BETTER...


Not only are you protecting your business/liquor license with each scan, but you're also (securely) creating your own data bank of valuable patron demographics.  You're not only protecting, you're connecting.  Gain insight into your clientele like never before by simply logging into your Revlr Venue Online Dashboard.  


So what are you waiting for?  Why stay at risk, blind to deep insights of your business?  Click around the site to learn more, or contact the team and let's have a conversation.



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