REVLR - Patron App


Revlr Venue. Revlr Patron App


Soon the REVLR mobile app will be available for free download by patrons across the country. This app will help bridge the gap between business & consumer in the world of nightlife entertainment.  Utlizing innovative features, this new platform will allow venues to connect with patrons in REAL-TIME wherever they may be; attracting both current and prospective customers alike. 


So what do you have to do get on board to take advantage of this?


Well, if you're already part of Revlr Venue, then you're all set.  Now in addition to protecting your business with a powerful Smart ID Scanner and building your own patron-verified demographics, you'll be automatically set up on the REVLR mobile app; for no added cost.


If you're not currently a part of Revlr Venue then now is time to subscribe