Serve these summer drinks this season!

No beach bar?  No problem.


You don't need an ocean view to give your customers a taste of summer.  Just take a dive in your creative bag!  AND NO.  We're not suggesting you line your roof top with tiki torches and throw a lei on every patron as they walk through the door.  Leave that tackiness for the bums down the street. Sometimes less is definitely more, and a classy-seasonal addition to your drink menu can be A NICE TOUCH. 


Whether it's a standard Saturday night, or you're prepping to host a instaworthy day party...keep your traditional summer offerings from Mojitos to Margaritas on deck, but try adding these following tastes to the menu... 



Right off the bat, lets stick with a classic.  They're just as easy to drink as they are to make.  It's a crowd favorite that's sure to sell, and hey, line the lid with fruit...millennials will think they're being healthy.



When was the last time someone ordered a daiquiri?  That's right; they don't.  Mix it up and serve this loaded, frozen strawberry lemonade.  Just grab some vodka and follow this easy recipe here.  This cocktail screams summer and the pictures alone make us want one.  



Now this one you can serve as pictured, or go nuts and make it frozen.  Either way, tap into your customer's nostalgia and offer this orange treat. Follow this recipe and we're positive these will bring in the business.  



Never has there been a cocktail to have caused more controversy.  But if you've learned anything from the boys at FAILING UPWARDS, the ol' "Aperoli Spritzioli" is a staple in certain circles. 



Though we could go on forever, our final recommendation is to offer up a solid hard tea.  Let's face it,  label something as ZERO SUGAR and it's going to move units.  Best thing is, it's as easy as serving a beer - so no need for a blender with this one.  


So serve em up! 



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