Tips for preventing underage entry at college hot spots.

School's back in session,

and while that's certainly good for business, it presents opportunities for major problems.  

There's no question, college kids like to have a good time. If you have a nightlife venue, or are holding an event in close proximity to a bustling campus, you can be sure hordes of party-ready students will be pouring through your doors.  And that's great! More business is never a bad thing.  However you can almost be positive there will be underage students attempting to gain entry, and that puts your business at risk.


All across the country government officials are taking a stance against underage drinking.  In New York, Governor Cuomo said, “State and local law enforcement are taking proactive measures to deter underage drinking and hopefully prevent the dangerous and potentially life-altering consequences that can come with it.  As the new college semester begins, this crackdown will help put an end to underage drinking and hold accountable those who enable it.”  You can be sure law enforcement efforts will be cranked up to catch both the underage party goer and the establishments serving them.  This can result in fines, and even penalties resulting in the closure of the business you worked so hard to build. 


So what can be done to prevent all this?


Well, first step would be to have a trusted person working the door or entry way to your venue or event.  Make sure they're on board with the penalties at risk and what to look for in order to deny unwarranted entry.  If they've been working the door for more than an hour they're familiar with the look and feel of a legit ID.  That's step one.  But now, fake IDs have become so good, there are some that are hard to detect with look and feel.  


There have always been ID scanners.  Those big, bulky things; they were good for their time.  But now Revlr Venue offers a better option, a Smart ID Scanner.  An easy to use Smart ID Scanner that fits in the palm of your hand.  One that can instantly detect whether a patron's ID is 

  • Legit
  • Invalid
  • Underage (an age limit you can set)
  • Expired
  • Double Scanned (an alert to when an ID is scanned more than once within a designated time limit)
  • Whether one is a banned or preferred customer (a label set by you to either reward or prevent entry)

Now this is 2017.  The term "smart" gets attached to everything from thermostats to toaster ovens; we've become desensitized to the word.  

However, the Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner truly is a smart, innovative tool for your business. Not only are you protecting yourself with each scan, but simultaneously your creating your own comprehensive collection of demographic reports.  Whether it be a select presentation of certain lists and stats directly on the scanner's screen, or a more diverse-in depth collection of reports available in REAL-TIME by logging on to your online dashboard, you'll have insight to your clientele like never before. In fact, all Smart Scanner and online dashboard features are available to you instantly, in REAL-TIME!  

Now you can rest assured your business is protected, and be able to have your finger on the pulse of what's happening anytime, wherever you may be. 

So before the college hordes commence their march through your doors, make sure your equipped to PROTECT, CONNECT and PROMOTE your business.