A quick breakdown.


What it does.

  • Protect your bar, nightclub, casino, concert, or event by scanning your patron's IDs.  Ensure your business is protected from underage fines & penalties.

  • Build your very own demographic reports with each scan.  Learn more about your clientele like never before, in REAL-TIME.  

How it works.

First, scan a patron’s ID upon entry.  


Instantly be notified if the patron’s ID is:

Valid and of legal age for entry.  

 Instantly be alerted if the ID is:

Invalid (fake)



Double Scanned within a designated time limit

(a feature designed to prevent legal patrons from passing back their IDs to their underage friends after getting in)


Now you're protecting your business from underage fines & penalties.


Next, keep an eye on your activity by accessing a quick set of Patron Demographics based on your nightly scanning directly on the device.


Now log in to your online dashboard to view and export an in-depth collection of Patron Verified Demographic Reports.


Dive into your business. 

Learn about your clientele.

Find out if your marketing is hitting it's mark. 


It’s that EASY.

All features available in REAL-TIME; your business activity accessabile whenever, wherever you are.






 Check it out!