For your bar, nightclub, casino, concert, or event...

The ONLY patented, REAL-TIME ID scanner and patron-verified demographics service available.

The Smart ID Scanner

Equip your security team with a sleek, powerful, handheld, next-gen ID Scanner.

Verify patrons and protect your business in a matter of seconds.

Label banned & preferred customers!


Custom Scanner Settings

Customize your smart ID scanner settings to fit the specific needs of your venue or event.


Real-Time Patron Demographics

All Smart ID Scanner and online dashboard features are accessible in REAL-TIME!

Get the info on your business whenever you need it!


Clientele Insight Like Never Before

Gain insight into your clientele like never before. 

Know who's entered, or was denied at the door.

View a comprehensive list of real-time patron verified demographic reports.



The Revlr network is the only patented, real-time, patron verified scanner information app available.



Our mission is to continuously combine new technologies and innovative thinking to redefine the limits of nightlife & event management.




Benefits for Venues & Events


Verify your patrons as they enter.  Be immediately alerted when a patron's ID is:

verified, underage, expired, invalid or double scanned.


View, analyze and export real-time patron demographic reports.

Create your own comprehensive selection of reports; the days of paying outside, third-party companies are over.

Even view nightly patron Lists & Statistics directly on the scanner screen!


Compare your real-time patron demographic reports to your marketing efforts.

See what works for your business and attracts customers!

See what attracts specific demographics!

See how far your marketing is reaching!

See what's attracting new customers and keeping the regulars loyal!

With the coming release of the Revlr mobile app, be able to connect with your customers like never before. 

Promote to both current and prospective clientele alike; whenever, wherever they may be.


Reliable, real-time data on your business & clientele.

Accessible 24/7, whenever you need it!


None of the restrictions plaguing bulky, stationary units of the past.

This Smart ID Scanner fits in the palm of your hand, allowing you to scan in an instant wherever needed. 


Your trust and user experience are our main priorities. 

Every patron ID scan is protected using 256 Bit AES Encryption and Decryption.

Your information is safely stored, accessible only by your credentials, and we incorporate reliable third-party security to routinely monitor our system.





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