How it Works

Step 1

Make sure you're connected to your WiFi and enter your desired scanner settings.  






Step 2

When your account credentials and scanner settings are entered correctly, you're ready to start scanning IDs.






Step 3

Hold the patron's ID approximately six inches away from the scanner and press scan.







Step 4

Within seconds, be notified if an ID is valid, invalid, underage, expired, or double scanned (the same ID is scanned twice within a time span you set).









Step 5

Browse nightly, REAL-TIME Lists & Stats based on your venue or events traffic directly on the Smart ID Scanner's Screen.







Step 6

Log on to your Revlr Venue Dashboard where you can access and export a  wide variety of demographic reports, all in REAL-TIME.  Use this information to better know your clientele, see who was denied at the door & why, track the success of marketing efforts, see what's getting your customers through the door, etc...

Future features will allow you to promote and connect with both current & prospective customers alike; whenever, wherever they may be.