How to purchase?

Purchasing is actually quite simple.

To start protecting your business, and begin better knowing your clientele, simply follow these instructions:


  1. First up, decide on how many Smart ID Scanners you're going to need.  For many customers, this simply applies to only points of entrance - choosing to equip their doormen security with the ability to verify patrons.  However, their are some venues and events which have a more sprawling lay out. You may need further protection, constantly at the ready to prevent damaging fines & penalties. 
  2. Next, purchase your required number of scanners directly on site.  Simply add your desired quantity to cart, and check out using your debit/credit card.  (Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to enjoy free shipping within the continental US)
  3. After your Smart ID Scanners are purchased, check out our selection of accessories. From our protective cases, to our multiple scanner charging dock, there are many choices to make your experience and usage more efficient. 
  4. Once your Smart ID Scanners are purchased you now must purchase a corresponding number of service subscriptions.  Each Smart ID Scanner requires it's own service subscription.  This allows for unlimited data capturing-patron verifying ID scans, real-time statistics and online Dashboard access (also all available in real-time).
  5. You may notice (currently) you cannot purchase the monthly service subscription directly on site.  Since many of our customers utilize a variety of corporate payment methods, we've decided to proceed (for the time being) with email ordering.  Simply follow the instructions to contact a sales person with your desired payment method and number of subscriptions, and a member of the team will be in touch. 
  6. Now, for a discounted price, you may purchase an annual service subscription directly on site.  Just select the product, add to cart and check out!


With that, in no time, you'll be on your way to protecting your venue or event and better knowing what works for your business!


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