Things we won't do.

As technology continues to progress at incredible rates, we feel it is important to not only utilize, but protect ourselves from these advancements.  




While our smart ID scanners have already protected businesses, aided in the arrests of criminals and help prevent future crimes; we realize there is still a stigma when having your ID scanned upon entering a venue or event.  


And if it were any other scanning device being used, you'd be right to feel weary.  


But rest assured we take privacy very seriously.


Information scanned with our device is collected & transferred (in real-time) using 256 Bit AES encryption.  Then securely stored in an online database.  


This information taken is used to validate & verify patrons for legal entry, as well as provide the frequented business insight into their clientele.  We do not collect social security numbers, or capture faces, or even collect height-weight-eye color...only information scanned is information that applies to purposes listed above.  


This information is only to be used for in house operations.  Whether it be marketing strategies, honing business practices, etc.  The point is, the information collected is not to be sold by our clients for any purpose or financial gain.  If a client is found to have violated this policy, their business with us would cease and their account would be permanently deleted.  


Another important thing of note is, a client's patron activity & demographic reports are theirs alone.  There is no shared network of information and analytics for our clients when it comes to information collected of this nature.  


For example:  we have a feature where a venue or event can label a patron as PREFERRED or flag them as BANNED.  A feature used to reward and also to prevent future incidents.  Now when this feature is utilized, it only applies to THAT venue or event.  There isn't a database of banned patrons, effecting them at which ever venue they attempt to enter next.  


No client information is shared amongst other clients on our network.  


Now, when in comes to matter of law enforcement and your patron demographics we act accordingly to legality of the specific issue.  What does that mean?  Well, if an underage patron happens to slip through the cracks and manages to enter your age restricted venue or event...we're not in the business of reporting this.  Now if the situation is severe enough to warrant law enforcement contacting us and we're legally obligated to aid, we will do so.  But, so far, in the few instances when law enforcement requested was our clients themselves who willingly volunteered.  And to great results.  


We understand ID Scanning will continue to carry a stigma for some time in the future.  People were weary of EZ Pass and the Internet; even television and, before that, the radio were once causes of unease.  But if one of your patrons is suspicious upon handing over their ID, reassure them that you are using a Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner, and there is nothing to worry about.