Why Should I Choose Revlr Venue For My Business?

For Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos, Concerts and Events...


You're not only choosing Revlr Venue for the current features available now for one low price, you're making an investment to take advantage of the awesome features coming in the near future. 



Currently, you are getting the total package for a steal. When utilized with the Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner, also priced competitively, you'll have access to:

  • Protection from Underage Drinking Fines & Penalties: Why take the risk?  In New York State, if a venue or event supply a minor with alcohol, the penalties can be damning. Any bars, clubs, restaurants, casinos,  or events who serve/sell alcohol to someone who is underage could face criminal penalties, plus civil liability if the person becomes intoxicated and causes injuries or damage. The business could lose its license if caught serving alcohol to underage patrons.
  •  Unlimited Data Capturing ID Scan: This not only protects your business, as you scan to verify patron IDs as they enter your venue or event; it offers a way for you to gain insight on you clientele.  The days of you paying companies a crazy fee for a one time demographic report for your business are over.  You can now build your an extensive variety of your own, to view and analyze for a multitude of uses.
  • Real-Time Venue Occupancy Stats: You have two ways of viewing stats on your venue or event.  You can either view a select variation of nightly lists and stats directly on the ID scanner's screen, or you can log into your Revlr Venue Dashboard to gain access to more extensive in-depth demographic reports. Gain insight in to your clientele, know who has entered your establishment, track the success of marketing campaigns, know what works for your business; ALL IN REAL-TIME.
  • Custom Scanner Settings: When you log in Revlr Venue Scan on your Revlr Venue Smart ID Scanner, be assured it is tailored to only work with your account.  Data is collected and sent protected with 256-bit encryption.  Only you see your venue's stats and account. 
  • Revlr Venue Dashboard Access:  When you log into your Revlr Venue Dashboard, you'll have access to all your demographic reports to analyze and export.  You'll also have the opportunity to see where you'll be able to customize your venue's profile, soon to be accessible to your patrons in the near future. 


In the near future, the Revlr mobile app will be available for free download to patrons. What does this mean for my business; you might be asking.  Well, the goal is to bridge the gap between business and consumer.  You'll be able to connect and promote your business to current and prospective clientele alike; ALL IN REAL-TIME, whenever-wherever they may be.