Revlr Venue Annual Plan


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$ 300.00
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Save 20% with a prepaid yearly service plan.  

Once registered log in to your Revlr Venue Dashboard to access your venue/event's demographic reports.

Reports include:

Real-Time Entry List: See customers whom have entered your venue/event, and at what time.  

Bounced List: See everyone who was denied at the door, and why.  (Underage, Expired ID, Banned Customer, etc.)

Male v Female Customers: Learn what's attracting both male & female customers by comparing our reports to various marketing campaigns utilized on specific nights.

Age & Gender Breakdown: Learn what marketing efforts are attracting your desired demographic. 

New v Returning Customers: See what's attracting new clientele, and what's keeping your existing loyal customers.

Distance Traveled Breakdown: See how far your marketing is reaching.  Learn how far your customers are traveling to frequent your establishment or event.



Does your business need to purchase this plan by other means than a credit/debit card? Do you have a question? contact us!