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You’re not only protecting, you’re connecting.

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Take hold of your business.

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Revlr Venue was designed with ease of use in mind. Tools created to protect your business from damaging fines & penalties , while offering an in-depth insight into your consumer base.  All in Real-Time, right out of the box.


Nothing to set up and easy to use...

Brian, C

Thanks to the real-time entry list, Revlr lead to the arrest of two suspects involved in robbery.

Chuck, B

Protected us from an underage drinking charge when a young woman was found to have been attacked and drugged.  She told police she had been in the bars on our strip.  When they came we were able to show her chalked ID was denied at the door.

Paul, V

Just charge, connect to wifi and log in!  That simple!

Nick, C

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Revlr Venue

245 Saw Mill River Rd #106
Hawthorne, New York

Mon - Fri, 10am - 7pm

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